The Talismans of the Kings of Romez

On the planet Romez, which is remarkably similar to the Earth, are three continents: Vinorostak, Senarus, and Landerfan, which together accommodate seventeen great kingdoms. The people of each kingdom have their own etiquettes, customs, traditions, and beliefs. The Kingdoms of Romez are as follows:

1Santilan is ruled by the Rodavas Dynasty, along with Castle Black. The events unfolding in the first volume of the story develop under the influence of this castle.

2Enestera is ruled by the Ram Dynasty. The two small kingdoms of Frasto and Ingelan are annexed to Enestera.

3Light Mountain is ruled by the Barherun Dynasty.

4. Helerant is ruled by the Helerant Dynasty, whose rulers are in conflict with the Rodavases over the ownership of Castle Black.

5Lental is ruled by the Rutan Dynasty. Its inhabitants are members of three tribes—Keliti, Mans, and Rohafan—collectively known as the Ghost Tribes.

6. Dominius is ruled by the Kelerun Dynasty.

7. Clastro is nominally ruled by the Ragan Dynasty, but due to religious reasons is actually ruled by Zeur Rodavas, older brother of the Santilan king.

8. Lavlas is ruled by the Lavlasian cannibals.

9. Likaga is ruled bythe Ranta Dynasty.

10.  Riklasta is ruled by the Ardelan Dynasty, helmed by the two-headed Rennes Ardelan.

11. Ramustar belongs to the Ramu Dynasty.

12. Deruktak, home to the Deruktak Eagles, is ruled by the Telfa Dynasty.

13Derulam, home of the Derulam Eagles, is ruled by the Maronen Dynasty.

14Gaglamon was, until recently, was ruled by the Kelinder Dynasty, but is currently under the rule of Izak Rodavas, son of the king of Santilan.

15. Pomegranate is ruled by an unknown magical dynasty.

16Edrasan is ruled by the Eskovas Dynasty.

17Henrasaner belongs to the Gaflent Crows, humanoid bird shape-changers.

The Talismans of the Kings of Romez is a multi-book series that chronicles mysterious events that begin to unfold on Romez, entangling each of the kingdoms in difficulties that lead them towards an uncertain destiny. These begin with the sudden unsealing of ancestral talismans, leading to the intervention of specific characters who cause the ensuing events. The series includes several volumes, each of which explain the events occurring in one or more kingdoms.

Artist: Jess-madhouse – Hobbyist, Source: DeviantArt

These events are recorded by the Great Soul of Antelam, the ancient historian and scholar of Romez, who has been recording its events since the world’s formation. He lives beneath the surface, unseen by any of the planet’s inhabitants. The first volume of this exciting series, The Eagle Dragons, documents events that unfold in Santilan and Enestera. The story begins in Santilan, where greedy Quadera Rodavas, who was appointed caretaker of Castle Black by King Jannes, has recently fled when Helerant captured the Castle. After his failure, Quadera begins looking for a legendary  cave, and finally locates it with the help of a friend. He discovers a mother lode of thermal diamonds covering a viable clutch of eggs of the extinct Eagle Dragons, which have been gone for millennia. His avarice, and the determination of other characters in the story to own or sell the precious diamonds and eggs, sends Santilan careening down a perilous path toward an unknown destination. Meanwhile, Enestera is undergoing massive changes. The Enesterans worship the gods of the Jahsar and Velanis Mountains. In the past, a sorcerer they consider their common ancestor, Sholrus, used a magical tool called The Four Mirrors to hide his bodily organs in the Velanis range to protect them from the passage of time. He lived for six hundred years until he was incidentally killed with the magic sword Dragal, and buried on the tallest peak, Mount Velanis. There are a number of effectively magical items in Enestera, for whose possession most of the local kings and princes hatch plots. One of them is Tedora Ardelan, a grandson of Rennes of Riklasta, who paves the way to infiltrate Enestera and launches a search for The Four Mirrors. However, he is caught due to his recklessness, The king of Enestera, the ruthless Rantoram, jails Tedora and sentences him to death…